Piero Glina is a designer based in Zürich, Switzerland.
He is very interested in a wide variety of media, various forms of communication and the discussion about it.


Satz Magazine

Editorial design and illustrations for → Satz, a magazine about performative arts. This is issue #0, dealing with the subject of “Magic”.

80 pages, 19.5 × 28 cm
Satin and recycling paper



“I have come here to chew bubble gum and to kick ass. And I’m all out of bubble gum.”

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the cult classic → ‘They Live’ by John Carpenter, this two volume publication is published by → everyedition and → fold, Zürich. It includes an exact replica of a magazine prop as seen in the movie, containing the iconic typography with all its flaws and special characteristics. The second volume shows the places the words came from.

2 × 40 pages, 21.6 × 27.9 cm

ISBN 978-3-9524206-0-7

Also available at → Printed Matter, Inc.

International Office

Identity for International Office ZHdK. Announcements of events and various activities are printed on neon-coloured paper combined with a rather playful typography, referring to American DIY flyers for small businesses.

In collaboration with → unfolded

Vom guten Wohnen

Four different residental areas in Zurich have been investigated on their longevity. What has been proven? What is problematic? What are continuities? What qualities are perceived by the residents, by the owners and the public?

232 pages, 4 fold-outs, 18.5 × 25 cm
In collaboration with → unfolded

ISBN 978-3-7212-0867-2

Arts & Culture Marathon – Opening Toni Areal

Booklet and a typographic installation consisting of 17 quotes printed on Forex boards for an event during the opening festivities of the Toni Areal, Zurich.

HfG Schriftenreihe

For a new concept and layout of the official book series of → Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design, Piero Glina, Martin Borst and Sebastian Cremers focused on a rather decorative design to present the scientific content, every decor plays with the specific content of each book.

Fil Conducteur

Newspaper for a performance by Canadian artist Amélie Brisson-Darveau during «Stromereien – Performance in times of Festival» at ION Space, Zurich, Switzerland. The publication included 4 sewing patterns based on the map of the city so the audience could create their own wearable district of Zurich.

12 pages, 28.9 × 38 cm
4 sewing patterns, 150 × 104 cm in total

Munitionsfabrik 17

«Munitionsfabrik» is the magazine of the → Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design, issue 17 discussed the subject of simulation. Piero Glina and Martin Borst tried to adopt the idea of simulation in the artwork by transforming a process of movement into a process of printing.

In a short period of time a man was photographed four times. One colour channel from each photo was excerpted and put together into one new CMYK image. The movement is expanded into the colours cyan, magenta, yellow and black while the static part of the image stays black & white.

136 pages, 16.5 × 23.4 cm

Publication in :output 10 (2007)
Publication in Ping Pong Project (2008)
iF concept award (2008)

ISBN-13: 978-3-930194-03-2

Story w/out Story pt. 1:
Death, Kitsch and those Images in my Head

«Story w/out Story» is an ongoing multivolume book project about the content and origin of our collective visual memory and how hidden codes within visual communication and cinematic imagery can have a narrative influence on our perception as an audience.

The first volume titled «Death, Kitsch and those Images in my Head» opens with iconic images that all of us carry in our heads, such as photographs of major events in world history or pop cultural milestones. The focus increasingly narrows from iconic movie scenes, artifacts and traces of analog and digital special effects to numerous examples of recurrent visual motifs in classic and mainstream cinematography.

138 pages, 19 × 27 cm


→ «kkaarrllss» is an edition collection consisting of pieces which originate from the coursework of young European designers at → Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design. This publication tried to communicate the rich variety of their work.

30 pages, 22 × 31 cm

Copy Right

A typographical magazine about the typeface Helvetica, its bad copy Arial and similar cases.
To compare the original typeface to its copy, Piero Glina and Martin Borst created a new font called RipOff, which subtracts one font from the other.

44 pages, DIN A4

iF concept award (2005)
Scholarship of AV-Studio Heine (Verein zur Förderung der Medientechnologie) (2005)
Publication in :output 08 (2005)

Der Besuch des Bundespräsidenten

Publication about the visit of german Federal President Horst Köhler to the → Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design in late 2008.
The main feature of the book is its subtle design. Two different kinds of papers, duo tone printing and a typeface especially designed for this publication emphasise the nostalgic aspect of looking back on a special event.

56 pages, 15.4 × 22.5 cm


DIY catalogue for a group exhibition. Bound in an envelope to enable easy distribution.

(HfG Film Edition)

Silk screen printed DVD packaging for an ongoing series of films produced at → Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design.

Lapse In Time

Catalogue design and signage for → Experimenta Design, Lisbon 2009 (in collaboration with Daniel Schludi, exhibition design by Fernando Brizio).

We asked the designers who exhibited their work at the show → «Lapse in Time», curated by Hans Maier-Aichen, to send images of the material and the tools they used to work with.
For the exhibition catalogue, we combined those images with altered photographs of Lisbon. All traces of human activity were erased — no cars, no people, no signage.

By combining both levels of imagery, the city of Lisbon was portrayed as an empty stage on the verge of becoming the center of a lot of different events and activities.

112 pages, 13.7 × 19.5 cm

Lapse in Time Photography
Experimenta Design, Lisbon 2009


Silk screen printed DVD packaging for a film by → Nele Wohlatz.

Designing By Making

Documentation of a collaboration between → Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design and → CIAV Meisenthal in France (Centre International d'Art Verrier) in early 2009.

No Coffee No Tea

Poster, signage & photography in collaboration with Daniel Schludi.
Exhibition design for → Ambiente Messe Frankfurt by Yvonne Fehling, Matthias Leipholz and Peter Schäfer.


Series of posters, promoting a party (Xeroxprint, 2009).

Each poster carried one bit of the whole information and acted as a teaser, spread across the city. In combination, the small bits became a new and complete poster.

Several posters for various events which took place at → Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design, such as conferences or movie screenings.

Opening of «Telekolleg», an alternative artroom in Karlsruhe, Germany, run by Piero Glina and Johannes Tolk (Silkscreen, 2005).

Various posters and key visuals for → Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), promoting exhibitions, conferences and degree shows.

Poster for «No Coffee No Tea», an exhibition in course of → Ambiente Messe Frankfurt.
The typeface was cut out of a piece of the original carpet used in the exhibition space.



MSB2K is a group of visualists, founded 2006, who try to bridge music, film and imagery. Current members are Piero Glina, Oliver Wrobel and Nikolaus Völzow.

Our approach is to compose abstract compilations of various visual outputs, such as cinematic quotation, graphic elements or even very basic components like plain colours or simple movement to create a new level of meaning in interaction with a live music environment – and also available in realtime 3D (→ Live Show at Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre Hong Kong).


Super Light

Photography, graphic design and website (in collaboration with Johannes Tolk).

For → «Super-Light» by Yvonne Fehling and Jennie Peiz, we developed an visual concept to present the lamps on the web. To show the lamp in various situations, we created ten different rooms, each of them had a more or less strange feeling to it and illustrated a specific environment, such as a bar, a studio, a living room etc.

Our work also included the → website to present and distribute the lamp via an online shop.
You can download the catalogue → here.

Power To The People

«Power to the people» is all about people taking control and deciding what they want to see in a short film
(in cooperation with Sebastian Cremers).

Prior to the making of the video → we offered 3 candidates, 6 objects and 12 actions to vote for.
The number of votes determined the action. Starting off at the left with the results that have been voted the most and therefore are repeated quite frequently.

Freedom of choice is not real.
People can only choose within given limits, specified by somebody else.


In spring 2005, Johannes Tolk and Piero Glina opened the alternative artroom «Telekolleg», located in an abandoned bakery store in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Providing a location for a wide variety of events, «Telekolleg» was the home for exhibitions of all kind, movie screenings or concerts played by various bands and DJs. Many wonderful connections and future collaborations were made. In summer 2006, this alternative space had to be shut down, the landlord did not tolerate it any longer.

Have a look at → the original website, for old times’ sake!


«A new font, designed by Piero Glina and clearly influenced by Deco Sans typefaces of the 1930's and immediate post-war period. In particular I think it's reminiscent of those found in Spain, southern France or Italy, usually on either political posters or other social and municipal events. Caps-only, although this restriction seems to play to the strengths of the angles and x-height that give it so much character.»
— toobad.posterous.com

You can purchase Moto Moto → here.

Kunst am Bau (Art Within Architecture)

In summer 2009 the → Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing in Berlin, Germany called for entries for a design for the facade of their new building.

Our entry won first prize.

We tried to use the curtain-type glass-facade to distort an image we beforehand put on the wall. Regarding the meaning of the institute, we tried to find a symbol, which hints to pure material itself. To accomplish that, we simplified a microscopic image of a crystalline surface, abstracted it to a graphic symbol and edited it to a point, where the strokes of the pattern got distorted by the glass and transformed into a three-dimensional-object.

To bring out the special visual feature which appeared when we combined the fluted glass facade with a single stroke, we added blue as a second colour to the image, since that colour very quickly becomes invisible from a distance.

The outcome is an abstract symbol of a crystalline pattern, which looks two-dimensional and flat from the distance, but becomes multicoloured and spacial when moving towards it. The structure of the glass make the strokes of the pattern also appear to move.

In collaboration with Ole Drescher and Ulrike Barwanietz.

Signaletik Alterszentrum Obere Mühle

Signage system for a senior residence in Switzerland (draft).
In collaboration with → unfolded.

To provide a simple and economic way to replace pieces of information, the draft proposed the installation of wodden slots holding removable enamel signs with the required information applied onto them. The enamel and the font, a modern version of an early 20th century typeface, helped to establish a reference to a classic Grand Hotel as the client asked for.


A compilation about typography affecting pictures, text vs imagery. A collage of written messages, names, signs, hints or riddles, and narratives being influenced by them.

Created in the context of the exhibition “txt.img”, curated by Sebastian Cremers, June 2015 in Zürich, Switzerland.

Kid In Me

Running through black and white from A to Z.
Offical music video for ‘Kid In Me’ by → Black Devil Disco Club from his 2013 album → Black Moon White Sun.

Workshop at → Festival International de l'Affiche et du Graphisme de Chaumont 2012, directed by PrillVieceliCremers and Piero Glina.

«Examine the basic elements of the book ‹Sparkle & Spin› by Paul and Ann Rand and transform the elements into space and movement.»

«When you are talking about freedom of speech, you also have to talk about freedom of perception.»
— Paul Virilio

The visual element is a stylisation by the TV screen itself, which is arranged with small dots. The dots display single letters and form a hidden and deliberately false message which in itself becomes a brainwash.

Exhibited at Punto y Raya Festival in Madrid, Spain.

In 2006 Piero Glina and Sebastian Cremers worked on a visual recipe of how to represent a very abstract musical composition by Sagardía, played by the scholarship holders of → Internationale Ensemble Modern Akademie in Frankfurt, Germany on stage, on posters, flyers and on DVD.

By the use of movie scenes and halftone images, the audience was invited to reflect and associate on the video as well as on the music. The imagery was abstracted to a point where only single moving dots of the halftone were visible.

The music project «Pope» (Perception Of Private Entity) stands for a very experimental electronic sound and is basically quite impossible to enjoy. Michael Schirner describes his project as «music we like and therefore destroy».

This is a video for the song «2nd generation».

A play with symbols.
Created for Patriotism Tomorrow in Gdansk, Poland.


Phone +41 44 545 20 54

Kyburgstrasse 29
CH–8037 Zürich



* 1978 in Germany
Lives and works in Zürich, Switzerland


MA (Dipl. Des.) in Communication Design
Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design

Awards & Selected Bibliography


Publication of various typographical installations based on «Telekolleg» in → The 3D Type Book

2nd prize «Karlsruher Künstlermesse» (poster design)


1st prize «Kunst am Bau» (Art Within Architecture) for the → German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing in Berlin (in cooperation with Ole Drescher and Ulrike Barwanietz)

3rd prize «Karlsruher Künstlermesse 2009» (poster design)


«Munitionsfabrik 17» wins an → iF concept award (in cooperation with → Martin Borst )

Publication of «Munitionsfabrik 17» in → Ping Pong Project (released in China and Germany)

Publication of «Desert Radar» in → Ping Pong Project (in cooperation with → Sebastian Cremers)


Publication of «Munitionsfabrik 17» in → :output 10 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)


Publication of «Copy Right» in → :output 08 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
(in cooperation with → Martin Borst )


The typographical magazine «Copy Right» wins an → iF award for excellent design

Scholarship of → AV-Studio Heine (Verein zur Förderung der Medientechnologie) for «Copy Right»

Festivals & Exhibitions


Videoinstallation «Written Plot Device» at «txt.img — When Text and Images collide», Zurich.

Videoinstallation «Die Not hat ein Ende» for Fumetto at → Kunsthalle Luzern

Videoinstallation «Die Not hat ein Ende» at → Museum für Kommunikation (Bern, Switzerland)


Live 3D VJ-Performance at → Beyond Festival 2013 (ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany)


Live 3D VJ-Performance at → Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre (Hong Kong)


Live 3D VJ-Performance at → Beyond Festival 2011 (ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany)


«72/300» for the Time Capsule Series at → Qompendium (Berlin, Germany)

Screening of «THEM 2009» at → Wahlheimat (Karlsruhe, Germany)

Screening of «Power to the People» at → Wahlheimat (Karlsruhe, Germany)
(in cooperation with → Sebastian Cremers)


Screening of «Desert Radar» at → Anadoma Film Festival (Braunschweig, Germany)


Screening of «Freedom of Perception» at → Punto Y Raya Festival (Madrid, Spain)

Screening of «THEM» at → Patriotism Tomorrow (Gdansk, Poland)

Screening of «Desert Radar» at → .temp (Karlsruhe, Germany)


«Telekolleg» at → UND #1 (Karlsruhe, Germany) in cooperation with → Johannes Tolk

Teaching & Lectures


«When in Rome», Z-Modul at → Zurich University of the Arts


«zischtigs jass», Typography and Layout at → Zurich University of the Arts

«tl;dr», Typography and Layout (it-Pool) at → Zurich University of the Arts


«zischtigs jass», Typography and Layout at → Zurich University of the Arts


Workshop at International Poster and Graphic Design Festival Chaumont 2012
together with → PrillVieceliCremers

«blue monday #2», Typography and Layout at → Zurich University of the Arts

Lecture about «Death, Kitsch and those Images in my Head» at → Swiss Photo Award (ewz.selection)


«blue monday #1», Typography and Layout at → Zurich University of the Arts


VJ Workshop at → Live Art Festival (Faroe Islands)


Graphic Design Workshop at → National High School of Plastic Arts and Design Kazanlak, Bulgaria